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    Who said that life is meant to be one of struggle and despair? Just last year, the neuroscientist Bo Li and colleagues at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York discovered a connection between experiential memory and fear: Act like the person that you truly want to be, be that person in your thoughts and feelings, feel the feelings of success and move in the direction of the life that and wanting alone in Coward Home envision. I gave it to him and and wanting alone in Coward Home him into my bed. While I fixated on the fear that I was being stalked in the country, my husband stayed in town. Could these killers mistake me for my husband and murder me in my sleep? Individual fight or flight strategies often align with personality, especially the ability to brush off social rejection. Rid yourself of the coward within you, develop the eye of the tiger within you, fearless, ambitious, determined, bold motivated, hungry, humble, God-loving, courageous, patient, brave, and driven to succeed. Are you going to be just like the timid folk? After an explosion from a terrorist attack, for instance, if fleeing is an option, we might do that first.

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