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    In addition, firearms are becoming much more common in modern times. Transportation[ edit ] For its vast size, the East has very little transportation infrastructure. The Adama-Ubangi peoples came into the territory as part of this same general migration, though they were usually Bertoua Prostitute in ones pushing the Bantu peoples further south. In addition, school fees keep many families from sending their children for an education. The only public transport that covers these routes is privately owned bush taxis or mini-buses run by private groups known as GICs French acronym meaning "group d'initiative commune". Most of the Baka remain nomadic, however, living in temporary shelters of leaves and sticks. Raffia palm Bertoua Prostitute in are a common covering, though metal Bertoua Prostitute in has become more common. Cameroonian politicians have traditionally ignored the East. For example, they often argue that paved roads would only allow the forests upon which the region depends to be cut down at an even faster rate. All of these groups speak various dialects of the Beti language.

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