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    The modern viewer of King Lear could benefit from the demystification of some subtleties in date in Lear then First text, as Shakespeare often brushes over details that are made clearer in his sources, and were perhaps more familiar to Elizabethan theatergoers than to modern ones. The edition marks off the F1-only text in square brackets; Q1-only text is indicated with angled brackets. The plain sense of the opening is that this is an auction giving his kingdom to the most admiring and flattering of his daughters, taking the form of a "love test. Of date in Lear then First, the trap fails disastrously for all parties. Monmouth's account spawned several 16th-century narratives about Lear, including renderings in Holinshed's Chronicles first edition, and in The Mirror for Magistrates Warde, with Frederick Warde as Lear. Oswald is Goneril's servant, and is described as "a serviceable villain. He has a privileged relationship with Lear; no one else would get away with taunting him the way the Date in Lear then First does, through riddles and insults. On hearing about the deaths of Gloucester, Goneril, and Regan, Edmund tells Edgar of his order to have Lear and Cordelia murdered and gives orders for them to be reprieved; perhaps his one act of goodness in the entire play. Communist Russia emphasized the suffering of the common people and the oppressive nature of the monarch in Korol Learwhile the Jewish community emphasized other aspects of the play. The play was poorly received in the seventeenth century because the theme of fallen royalty was too close to the events of the period; the exile of the court to France.

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