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    Event Analy in Tasiusaq sex codes reflect the CO2 concentration as an indicator of event Analy in Tasiusaq sex back ground climate during events from blue, concentrations between and ppmv; orange, — ppmv; brown, — ppmv; and red, — ppmv. Projections from climate models are investigated to quantify the magnitude and rates of future changes in Greenland temperature, which may be faster than past abrupt events occurring under interglacial conditions. Modern agriculture is marked by clearance, soil erosion, and the onset of the first mesothropic phase of the last 10, years; b Photograph of Norse apophytes Rumex acetosa—Taraxacum sp on a medieval archeological site in south Greenland source: Records from lake sediments in southern Greenland document major environmental and climatic conditions during the last 10, years, highlighting the role of soil dynamics in past vegetation changes, and stressing the growing anthropogenic impacts on soil erosion during the recent decades. Gauthier, Such a migration may have strong impacts on tropical precipitation distributions. Furthermore, past and present changes in atmospheric and oceanic heat advection appear to strongly influence both regional climate and ice sheet dynamics. Running means over 10 years are shown as solid lines. Limited impacts of Norse agriculture are reflected by indicators of clearance and sheep grazing, as well as event Analy in Tasiusaq sex the persistence of introduced species. We show that, during the last decade satmospheric and sea surface temperatures are reaching levels last encountered millennia ago, when northern high latitude summer insolation was higher due to a different orbital configuration. The black line displays the mean probability density, calculated from the 11 studied events.

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