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    In Mityana Prostitute women, she clarifies, also engage in the sex trade. According to Kato, he opted for a Rwandan bride because getting a Ugandan wife has become too costly. For a night, you pay Shs 5, and boda boda riders here say the fee can be reduced to as little as Shs 2, per night for the prostitutes, who make approximately Shs 5, per transaction. At Daido, a small dark-skinned woman, dressed in in Mityana Prostitute long skirt with a scarf on her head tells me she is in charge and takes me around. Zaituni Kakeeto, resident of Wabigalo is against the importation of the Rwandan brides, saying it will destroy families. It is reported that a man interested in a Rwandan bride parts in Mityana Prostitute Shillings 80, to facilitate the middleman to ferry the bride from Rwanda to Mityana. The presence of the Rwandan brides in Mityana is worrying native women, saying they may fail get suitors since the men in Mityana Prostitute rushing for the Rwandan girls.

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