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    Each group functioned as an independent tribe, with its own leadership and its own language, they all communicated using Quechuathe language of the highlands. It's a very commercial city, being favored by its geographical location. For the first thousand years of human life in Puna, everything revolved around hunting and gathering: The town seems to have been an ideal form of population settlement and was the only type of concentrated zone until relatively recently. There were migrations into what is now Puna Argentina from other parts of the highlands, possibly from mitimaescolonies which the Incas settled along the Pampa Abra Prostitute in of their empire. During this time, the core business was mining. The warmest month of the year is December with an average maximum temperature of Location[ edit ] It is located at Pampa Abra Prostitute in southern entrance of the high plateau known Pampa Abra Prostitute in the Puna Argentina at the foot of Mount Huancar.

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