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    He talks to his in-laws and they agree to a plan. When he turned twenty-five, the age the Koran instructs men to marry, his mother began searching to find him a wife. She could do nothing right in his eyes. We up girl in Gah Hook with Lashkar men with heavy black beards waiting outside clinics to see a doctor. Shifts Course In the summer ofofficials in Washington unveiled an overhaul of American policy in Afghanistan. Men rule, women obey. Naeema Nikzad, a up girl in Gah Hook with Lashkar who counsels burn victims at Herat Regional Hospital, considers both girls while adjusting a blue-patterned scarf around her head. The violence has continued to hamper reconstruction. One night, thirty days after they had married, thirty days after they had begun sharing a house and meals and daily chores, thirty days after they would sometimes glance at each other and for no reason start laughing, Aziz looked at his wife and realized he was no longer nervous. Her mother thought twenty minutes was too much time for them to be alone together, and told him he should be gone no more than ten minutes. Olomi pulled the burqa over her head and her face disappeared. He stared at her reflection, at her long black hair, deep dark eyes and wide full mouth and approved.

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